3 Questions To Ask Before Deciding To Train Your Pet As A Service Dog

Posted on: 7 March 2017
If you have been thinking about having your dog certified as a service dog, you may be uncertain about what qualifications are required. If so, ask yourself the following questions about your dog's physique, behavior, and temperament to decide whether your dog may be a good match. Does Your Dog Have Any Physical Ailments? The first question to ask about your dog is whether or not it has any physical ailments.
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Adopting A Child With Limited Mobility? 3 Essential Strategies For Increasing Your Home's Accessibility

Posted on: 9 May 2016
There is no greater joy than falling in love with a child, except for maybe the pure bliss that comes on the day you get to bring them home. Adopting a child with special needs will naturally come with challenges, yet there are some simple things you can do before their official homecoming that will make them feel comfortable right from the start. As the completion of your adoption process draws nearer, use these universal design strategies to encourage independence and provide ultimate comfort to the new addition to your family.
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